Glamping...why it is here to stay

Wed 19 April, 2017

Camping has been around for many years and has proved popular time and time again as a holiday of choice for the family, time away with friends or the individual wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.  The pastime of camping has evolved greatly in the past few years and a new craze of ‘glamorous camping’ has been born.

Enter Glamping....

The term glamping was relatively unheard off a decade ago. But in the past few years this buzz word has hit the camping scene with a bang. The glamping rage has really taken off much like a new fashion trend and is essentially camping with perks. Glamping is continuing to win over travellers, especially those who want to experience the outdoor way of living without foregoing any of life’s luxuries. It features all of the best bits of camping but with a little luxury and glamour thrown in – the perfect combination.

Glamping can come in many forms. Insulated wooden huts, called Pods or Camping Cabins, have become extremely popular for short breaks. Pods are usually equipped with electricity, lighting and a sink, sometimes even an en-suite. Mongolian Yurts, Shepherd Huts, Tipis and Bell Tents are also becoming popular glamping options offering guests the comfort and facilities that would rival many hotels. View our range of luxury glamping accommodation for the perfect glamping break.

Why so popular?

So why is everyone wanting to try this most recent phenomenon of ‘glamping’ and why has it become so popular?

• We are a time precious society

The beauty of glamping is that it saves you time, providing the glamper with more of a chance to relax and enjoy. Glamping means you can travel light - there is no need to spend time ensuring you have all the usual camping essentials packed such as a tent, a sleeping bag and a camping stove.  Time is also saved when you arrive to your glamping site. There is no time wasted pitching a tent and no lost tent pegs.  You can literally walk into your glamping accommodation and be settled within minutes.

• Cost advantages

When the economic crisis hit and the recession began to take its toll, the camping industry saw a sharp incline in profits. The sharp rise in the cost of holidays overseas and the drop in the value of the pound against the Euro have also led to a boom in staycation holidays, with UK tourists opting to holiday at home rather than heading abroad. Holidaymakers are seeking ways to cut costs and a glamping break, whilst more expensive than camping, can still provide a cost effective break away. If you have a limited budget you can certainly find nice glamping accommodation options for a price similar to a quality B&B. Alternatively you can splash out and enjoy total luxury with glamping accommodation that can include the likes of a private hot tub. No matter your budget there will be a glamping option to suit.

• It appeals to a wider demographic

Glamping is attracting a completely new customer base to the outdoor tourist industry. Its broad appeal is attracting the likes of the older generation who are now able to camp in comfort.  The couples seeking a romantic break are heading into the outdoors for a cosy night under the stars. It also brings back those who camping have lost, when first time camping experiences often become the last, with either unpleasant weather or an uncomfortable sleepless night taking the blame.

The population who go camping, will continue to do so. It is the demographic who currently avoid camping and the great outdoors that glamping will attract. New customers are opening themselves up to the world of glamping as they seek a flavour of what the outdoors has to offer. Because of this trend, it is safe to say that glamping is not only here to stay, but will undoubtedly continue to grow.