Caravanning - Not just for the older generation

Thu 15 June, 2017

Caravanning was once dominated by the elderly and retired, but that’s not the case any longer. A whole generation of younger caravanners are discovering the well-kept secret that caravanning is not just for the older generation. Caravanning has become more popular with young couples, young families, solo travellers and friends and is no longer pigeon-holed for just the older age bracket. So why has there been a sharp increase in caravan touring for the younger generation and why are younger Britons embracing this pastime like never before? 

Caravanning for couples

The stereotyped perception that caravanning is outdated and only suitable for the over 55s no longer applies. Young couples can opt for adults-only sites so they can enjoy the outdoors without the noise of children running around a campsite. 

Caravanning for young families

For young families with children, caravanning is an easier to manage holiday as it is a home from home. It allows you to bring all the equipment and toys that young children require. Most family friendly campsites have play areas containing climbing frames, swings and even a pool. Campsites on a farm are becoming a popular choice for young family holidays as they provide a golden opportunity to experience animals’ close-up such as bottle-feeding lambs and watching cows at milking time.

Caravanning for solo travellers

Solo travellers often feel that package holidays and hotels are unsuitable, particularly if the cost is per room, not per guest. Caravanning allows solo travellers to meet like-minded campers and join in social events onsite without feeling like the odd one out. 

Caravanning with friends

Many touring sites are adding new facilities to attract the younger generation travelling with friends. Onsite bars and organised entertainment help to deliver an excellent holiday experience. Planned activities such as archery, volleyball and adrenaline sports activities drive caravanners to be in the midst of all the activity. A latest craze is the adoption of touring pitches being available at local festivals. In the summer months there are many festival choices throughout the UK & Ireland including events for music lovers, jazz aficionados, real ale drinkers, green-fingered gardeners, writers and cultural arts enthusiasts. Bringing your caravan will provide you with the closest accommodation right on site.

The stigma that caravanning is perceived as a holiday for the older generation has been overcome as the younger generation are hitting the road with a caravan in tow. In short, caravanning has advantages for all ages and can be enjoyed by all generations. Why wait until retirement and miss out on years of fun? Caravanning is for the younger generation too!

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