Camping With Your Kids Can be Fun!

Wed 17 January, 2018

When it comes to holidays, kid-friendly campsites are the perfect choice for family camping. Wide open spaces, sleeping outdoors, a laid-back dress code, new experiences and a sense of freedom are all exciting for youngsters, and making happy memories is what family camping holidays are all about.

Best Campsites for Kids

Gearing campsite holidays around children makes good sense. If the kids are happy, parents can relax and enjoy the holiday too. Choosing campsites with kids clubs, indoor play areas for wet days, campsites with play parks or close to the beach will pay dividends. It gives children the freedom to run off their energy and excitement, make new friends, play campsite games and try new activities which means happy smiling faces for everyone.

Campsites with swimming pools are particularly good fun in summer. Youngsters and beginner swimmers will need someone in the water with them, but it is surprising how quickly their swimming skills improve when they are swimming every day.Children can pass endless hours snorkelling, diving and playing with inflatables in a campsite swimming pool.

In cooler months, the best family campsites to choose are those offering indoor amenities, games rooms, activity clubs and even babysitting services. Outdoor fun can also be enjoyed without leaving the campsite if you choose a child-friendly campsite with a trampoline, zip line, sand pit or play area. 

First-Time Campsite Holidays with Children

If you’re new to camping with kids, a trial run is a good idea. Rent a tent for your first family camping trip so you will know exactly what you need when you invest in a tent for future trips. 

For a first family camping trip, stay close to home, just in case. There are many family-friendly campsites in national parks, forests and scenic areas that are perfect for weekend camping breaks. You can pop back if you’ve forgotten something essential and you have the reassurance that if the worst happens weather-wise or health-wise (you never know with children!) you are within easy reach of home comforts. 

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Practical Tips for Family Camping Holidays

If you’re buying a new tent then check out tents designed for family camping. As well as having integrated game walls and room inners, family tents also have divided sleeping areas which gives everyone some privacy. Choose a tent that is easy to pitch and has plenty of height and indoor living space. A sewn-in groundsheet is a must to prevent insects crawling in and small dogs and children crawling out!

Make sure everyone has a chair for mealtimes and bring a sturdy table for meal prep, card games, colouring books and crafts (which you’ll have thought ahead and packed, of course!)

The Benefits of Family-Friendly Campsites 

Giving every member of the family a task to be responsible for creates a team effort. At home, chores may not be popular, but delegating children specific tasks and responsibilities such as folding and stacking bedding, carrying water and fetching fresh bread from the campsite shop for breakfast is part of the novelty of camping. Even washing up in a camp kitchen can be cool! 

Staying on a secure child-friendly campsite in a quiet traffic-free area means older children can enjoy the freedom to explore, run errands, play with new friends, make plenty of noise and enjoy a little more independence. 

With more space, more amenities and less restrictions than staying in hotels and motels, you’ll soon discover why family camping holidays are a winner!