5 Top Tips for Camping with Kids

Fri 5 May, 2017

Camping with kids can be a NIGHTMARE! But it doesn’t have to be!

“How are we going to entertain the kids?” is a common question from parents on the lead up to the summer months. With the school holidays quickly approaching and with the drop in value of the pound against the Euro, many families are looking for alternative holiday options that are closer to home. A family camping trip can be the answer. Some parents are filled with dread if they hear the words “kids” and “camping” together, however a family camping trip can create a fun experience to remember.

Here are our Top 5 Tips for camping with kids:

1. Plan ahead

Camping is a great way to entertain the kids and have some family time away but you need to plan ahead. The best campsites will be very popular with returning visitors and can fill up quickly so it is important to book well in advance. Websites such as CampStead.com can reduce the hours spent researching which holiday parks and campsites have the best facilities to keep the kids entertained. Discover a wide range of family friendly campsites in the UK & Ireland here: http://www.campstead.com/Article/Fun-for-all-the-Family/

2. Location, Location, Location

If it is your first time going camping with kids then we recommend you try to go somewhere local. You don’t want to hear the common “Are we there yet?” song and if you have younger children it can be useful to camp close to home should for any reason you need to hop in the car to head back. If travelling further afield then make the journey appealing by researching some interesting stop offs along the way.

Once you have picked your camping destination you then need to think about your location within the actual campsite. Pick your camp pitch wisely; you may want to consider being close to toilet facilities, away from water or close to the children play areas.

3. Make it an adventure

Camping is an eye-opening experience for kids and if done right, as a parent, you should never hear those dreaded words “I’m bored”. From collecting firewood to sleeping under the stars, just the very essence of camping can bring out the explorer in children. Even the campsite chores like sweeping up the tent can be fun for little ones.

Going camping opens you up to a range of outdoor activities. Be sure to research what facilities and activities are on offer prior to your visit so you can plan an itinerary. From pony rides along the beach to exploring hidden coves and rock pools to boat trips across the lake and cycling routes for kids, there are a variety of things to do in the wide open spaces.

4. Pack for all eventualities

If planning a camping trip in the UK & Ireland then the chance of experiencing rain at some stage of the holiday is quite high. The good weather is never a guarantee so be sure to pack suitable clothing for all possibilities including waterproofs, welly boots and a wetsuit. Don’t let the bad weather put you off. If you have the correct clothing you can still enjoy the outdoors - you’ll already be wet if your swimming in the rain. The sun might be shining during the day but the evenings can be cool so be sure to bring those extra layers for sitting around the BBQ. Make sure you pack some activities for the kids on stand-by should the weather be changeable such as board games and colouring activities.

5. Leave the technology at home

In this current age of technology, it is not uncommon to see kids with their faces in their phones or playing on iPads. A camping holiday is a great way to disconnect kids from their technology ridden lives and a way for parents to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of their daily work lives. By leaving the iPads, DVD players and mobiles at home, the kids can run free, make new friends and reconnect with nature. More importantly it allows families to spend quality time with each other and make lasting memories.

Camping is a rewarding experience and it’s very affordable. So pack the car and the kids - The Great Outdoors awaits.