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27 September 2021
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Holiday on the Farm

Holiday on the Farm

Some of the most memorable holidays for families are on camping farms. Some farms are more open than others to having guests ‘help’ with farm chores, but in the spring there are usually hungry lambs to be bottle fed, calves to admire and hens and ducks to feed and shut in securely at night. Year-round there are usually baby chicks, rabbits, kittens and other furry friends to be stroked and mothered. A camping farm holiday offers a unique chance for children to experience animals close-up and participate in their care.

Camping is also the ideal holiday for families. Hotels can be very small and restricting, disapproving of noisy youngsters. Camping offers children the scope to run free, explore the great outdoors and learn about a totally different way of life to their town upbringing.

Open Farms

The latest theme parks are glorified farms whose sole purpose is to educate and entertain youngsters. Offering the chance to feed and cuddle the animals, they are a great offshoot from traditional zoos and are much more interactive. While some open farms offer cute and cuddly species, other farms also include some rare and endangered breeds, adding to their educational value. Open farms continually have baby animals including lambs, pygmy goats, piglets, donkeys and calves. Watching the cows being rounded up and milked is offered by some working farms too. Some open farms even have CCTV on the lambing and calving pens, so you can watch the magical moments of a new birth. Donkey rides and hay cart rides may also be part of the open farm activities on offer.

Sheepdogs are part of farm life and sheepdog trials can be great family entertainment and far more engrossing than they sound. There are open farms all over the UK from Downtown Open farm in Lydford, Devon to Cannon Hall Farm in South Yorkshire. Not all open farms offer camping farm holidays, but there are always campsites close by from which to enjoy the countryside and experience rural farm life.

Family Fun Camping Holidays

The best part about a camping farm holiday is that the whole family gets to enjoy the natural outdoors. Days can be spent on the farm, playing in the hay, walking in the area or visiting a nearby beach or lake. Some campgrounds and open farm have superb playgrounds where children can safely run off their energy. Pedal tractors, diggers and dumpers can all feed the imagine of youngsters as they play. For a family-friendly holiday with a healthy educational slant too, camping farms should be a part of every child’s growing up.


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